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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Some quick notes and photos

It's been a long break from work, emails, PCs, blogs, etc... and i am totally enjoying this moment.

The first direct interactions with the twins Tony & Tracy is memorable to say the least, for both Sharon and myself.

Tony with his curious stare

They seems to know who we are and do not go into the usual fits when they encounter a total stranger. Perhaps they can sense our love for them 8)

Through these few weeks, we've reexperienced the food that we thought we missed, the humidity and weather that we know we won't miss, and the friends and family that we absolutely missed.

Sharon and I @ Lunch with our families

Sharon's on her way back to the states today, while i'll still be having my break for another week. Throughout the next week, i'll be busy uploading photos to our Flickr site, but perhaps not blog too much yet.

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