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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Let's get it started
Looking from afar, the charity organization (to who?) scandal is getting really out of hand.

Doing a quick google search and found a mention of their attempts to have a Cancer Fund. Isn't 90% of their main donations not enough that they started to grab others' too?

The NEW one might not necessarily have all the bad kinks taken off (sometimes it's worse... check out the New Coke ... Yucks) ... so why not start looking for another charity to donate to?

I believe in voting with my wallet, since that was the only thing i could vote in when i was in Singapore haha. So.. i'm glad in a way to say i've never donate a single cent to them.

In fact, why not help spread the word online to point search phrases such as singapore, charities, donations etc to the ones that you think should deserve a chunk of the donation money that that dammed organization is grabbing?

So i'll start with a short list:
Alzheimer's Disease Association (Singapore)
Autism Association (Singapore)
Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)
Children Cancer Foundation (Singapore)

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