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Saturday, December 31, 2005
last day of 2005
Let me look back what i have achieved/accomplished in this past year.

1) offended a few co-workers from other departments. i did not regret my actions. i think it is a wake up call for them. there is no job security in this world. you have to work hard to improve your skills and knowledge so as to gain respect amongst your co-workers and potential headhunters.

2) developed the branch incentive tracking worksheet for the branch. it was a simple task

3) train new staff in loans department. this is a on-going exercise and a very boring task

4) passed my driving after the third attempt. that was the toughest task for me.

5) drove in the dark alone without jon. drivers beware. novice on road without guidance.

6) went back to singapore to visit my parents, friends and the adorable twins. i will NEVER miss the weather back home.

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