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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
first day of work after two and half weeks' vacation
i was so bored at home, i called my boss, R on tuesday night to let me go back to work on wednesday. she was worried that i will be jet lag. i was worried that i will bebored to death.

first day of work. i took one hour to clear my emails. as you can see, i am not badly missed. R told me to audit branch incentive tracking for the past 3 weeks. branch incentive tracking is one of my duties at work apart from looking pretty all day. yep, that's my job description. it is a very difficult task to look pretty all day when i am not.

some changes i observe in the branch include:

a) the business hours on saturday will be shortened with effect from 24 dec 2005. the branch will be opened from 10 am to 2pm instead of 10am to 3.30pm. i love it!

b) a tv was installed in the pantry so that we can watch video programmes or other variety programmes. i will watch woman's talk show - the oprah show, the ellen degeneres show and tyra bank show and soap opera to pass time during my lunch break. are you envious of me?

i appreciate R's efforts in making sure that staff are happy at work. she is open to suggestions not sure about criticism though.

i don't miss work but i miss my co-workers. i am glad to be back to work.

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