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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
at home in bellevue

i really wanted to eat alot of hawker food but i didn't have the appetite. the weather was just too hot and i have simply lost interest in food. now, that is news. how can a food lover lost her appetite. i don't know.

i enjoyed listening to my friends bitching about their work and family and i shared with them my not-so-exciting life in seattle.

i certainly do not miss the drama serials and variety programmes in singapore. they were so boring and dense.

on sunday night, my parents, brother, monster nephews and my husband to went a chi-na chinese restaurant in toa payoh. the food was so-so, the portion was measly, the service was average and total bill was S$200. no one seemed to enjoyed the food except my nephews.

on the way home, i had an acute stomach ache. is it food poisoning? no, because everyone is fine except me.

monday morning, i still have stomach ache. my flight was 7 am and i need to be at the airport by 5am. i have take bo chi wan and applied axe oil on my tummy but i still have to visit the restroom.

thank god i have asked united airlines to give me aisle seat. my frequent visits to the restroom have caused alot of passengers to snicker behind my back. what can i do. feeling weak and tired, i have to complete my journey home.


i arrived home at 11.45am. i took a light lunch and slept till 6.50pm. it was a well deserved rest.

it is good to be home. i am so glad to be away from the hot and humid weather. but i miss my parents and friends. i also miss the hawker food. out of the 20 items i have listed on my food list, i have managed to eat 10 of them in 10 days.

i will be back to work on thursday. my not-so-exciting life will continue.

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At 6:00 PM, Blogger singaporegrrl

I know what you mean, I'm in SIN now, thinking the same thoughts, though I haven't lost my appetite. Service is poor, some things are just too expensive for no good reason. I'm enjoying my visit, my husband is coming next wk to join me. But I'm already thinking about home (Houston).


At 9:36 PM, Blogger sharon

you, know. i have the feeling when i was in Singapore. i could not wait to get home.

i enjoyed spending time with my family and friends but i miss my home in seattle.