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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
angry at work
i wonder when i will not be angry at work. here's what happened

a retired school teacher complained that i did not help him to notarize his documents. i have to explain that it is the notary public right/prerogative to notarize the documents at his/her comfort level and the document needs to have notary language before the documents can be notarized. these information was given me by another branch supervisor.

KNNCBB chao lao ang moh boh tak complained to R for one hour on this. i spent one hour in R's office listening to her preaching. i explained there was a difference between i could not help a customer and i didn't want to help the customer. did she ask the customer how many times i have explained to the bald head on this. it was 9 freaking times politely why i could not help him and i had suggested alternatives for him. did he accept it? NO.

what is wrong with chao ang moh??? when a bank staff could not help him, he felt angry that he needed to vent his frustration on another person.

in the end, i was so tired in listening to what bald head think/feel, i asked R what areas of improvement i need to do to handle this customer if i have already done my utmost to help him.

she said just listen to him. ok, i will do that but will he listen to me. sure, he will have selective listening. she told me to think outside the box. sure, i will. when i do it, please make sure she supports me.

travellers' cheque

customer wants to redeem deceased father's travellers' cheque and R was not in office. pui soh asst supervisor was not comfortable to redeem the travellers' cheque as the travellers' cheque was not one of the items the customer inherit from his deceased father. the customer had provided a probate document and it had listed the stuff he will inherit from his deceased father but the probate document did not include the travellers' cheque. the travellers' cheque was worth USD200 and the customer has over USD90,000 in his account.

i called another branch supervisor for advise as customer was not pleased with pui soh's reply and he would like to get a second opinion from another branch supervisor. the branch supervisor told me to review his account and if he had been a customer for a long time and his record is good, we were able to assist him. i relayed the message to pui soh.

pui soh was not happy and insisted that if that branch supervisor will endorse on the travellers' cheque we could redeem the cheque for the customer.

i told pui soh that the branch supervisor did not want to impose her thoughts/suggestions on her. she would like both of us to review the customer's account, if account is in good standing, we are able to accommodate the customer's request.

pui soh felt that she was not comfortable and spoke to the branch supervisor. the branch supervisor told her that it was her decision. pui soh explained to the customer who was not pleased with her replies but he had to accept it.

he told her that this branch has alot of restrictions in work procedures. whenever he goes over to another branch, he was able to get the transactions done smoothly. whenever he comes to our branch we could not assist him and we give alot of reasons for not helping him.

i really feel bad for the customer. i was upset with pui soh but it was her decision. i may not agree with her but it is still her decision.

in this situation, i wonder who has not 'think outside the box'?

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