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Monday, November 07, 2005
wait for next version
Today's the launch day of the company's database and development products... it's also the birthday of my good friend's birthday... and also the birthday of my back-up's mom. 8).

There were a number of launch parties on campus, though i didn't attend them. Andrew did, and got himself a SQL Server 2005 cup.

Browsing through the blogsphere on the product launches, i'm already seeing some bad vibes about bugs.

Simon at Brokenkeyboards blogged about something that's hitting me through my projects since i came over to Redmond. He also mentioned about a decision that he made... it was something similar to what i've made too.

First.. the comments about not fixing bugs and waiting till the next version hits close to home. In the midst of my current project, the IT folks are already talking about postfoning some of the current bugs into the next version. Why can't they even get them fixed now? Strange aint it?

When we first rolled out the current version in a phased approach, we found some bugs, and these ARE still unresolved as of today. That's more than 5 months of constant issues with the system. This creates a similar decision making point for me to stay with the previous version, and in fact, expand the usage of the previous version, and leaving this current non-reliable system to do non-production jobs. Sad aint it?

At least the developer(s) that is responsible (in this case) for one of the bugs stood up on the blogsphere and raised his hand, and gave a totally clean explanation (in the comments) on what happened and why it wasnt fixed prior to the launch.

In my projects, all that they are saying is no resources. To make matters worse, they actually put having an "opening splash screen" and "tool tips" for administrators' tools as being of a higher concern than fixing real known bugs.

That idea of tool tips and screens got closed down by me immediately the moment i heard about it. Ridiculous aint it? Why would i want to have tool tips for a tool that only 2 (to 4) people in the whole world is using?

If the admins dont know the tool, they shouldn't be touching the tool. GDI!!!!!!
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At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Simon Stewart

Thanks for the link back.

Hopefully I've done something positive to make Microsoft realise that the developers out there need a service pack almost more than they need a brand new shiny version.

Or, Microsoft should say that they've done us all in by not getting a SP out for VS03, so we can all upgrade to VS05 for a nominal price (al a service packs) and they will ensure that the service pack schedule will improved for VS05.