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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Online AV scanning
The company has just released a beta of the Windows Live Safety Center, which includes a regularly updated, on-demand scanner to scan for malware and spyware.

Matthew, a friend in the company, just blogged about it on the Anti-Malware blog too. Since he's part of the anti-malware team, getting the news straight from him would be a lot better!

Check it out, especially my cheapo friends that dont want to pay for a AV subscription package, (AV as in Anti-Virus, not the other common result from search).

Update: added some of the other vendors' online scanning services...
Kaspersky Online Scanning for systems and files
Trend Micro Housecall
BitDefender Online Scanner
Computer Associates eTrust Web Scanner
Symantec Security Check
McAfee freescan
Norman Virus Control's Sandbox
and two aggregated anti-virus file scanning services...
Jotti Virusscan
Virus Total
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