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Saturday, November 19, 2005
my job
yes, i have been bashing about my job in the past. i still do. why? i have to be consistent about it. my co-workers are funny, caring and sometimes annoying but i love them all the same.

i will miss them when i am in singapore. i am touched when two customers came to the branch just to SEE me before i leave for my vacation.

one of them is a cute looking polish guy. he is a caring brother who supports his sister through college and his sister is BEAUTIFUL.

the other customer is a very sweet and caring mother of one. she lost her husband to cancer one year ago and she struggles to support the family. she is a positive person and have lots of energy. i admire her strength and passion in life.

i encourage one of the bank customers, a young and handsome egyptian who owns a BMW to woo my boss. why? i think they are a perfect match. they are both young, good looking, fun loving, patient and intelligent. they have the perfect gene to produce cute babies. by the way, my boss drives a BMW as well.

next, i hook up a swedish customer and his family to get involved in the swedish community activities so that they can adapt to the life in washington.

my job is boring, however, when the customers are happy i am happy. when jon is happy, i am happy too.

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