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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Going to Tianjin, China
So here it is... a day before i fly off to Tianjin for the AVAR 2005 conference.

I'll be meeting up with Randy as usual, and the AV researchers too. Jason will be presenting a paper if i'm not wrong.

My take on the AVAR conferences is that they are usually a lot better than the Virus Bulletin ones, in terms of being able to chit-chat with the other attendees. Be it a victim of its own success, i think the VB's attendee size is getting too big. AVAR on the other hand makes it a lot easier to build up closer links with the attendees.

It could also be perhaps due to me being an Asian. AVAR, which has more asian members than the others, also give me more opportunities to interact with the attendees especially from China and Japan. I remembered my first AVAR in Sydney where i was tasked to be a interpreter for the European/American-based attendees and the attendees from the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center group based in Tianjin, whom coincidentally are the organizers for this year's conference.

It should be a quick and fun conference. The multilingual realtime translation facilities are always good for a laugh or two, especially when the tranlators translate the ahem, oh dear, etc too!

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At 5:54 AM, Anonymous Oliver

Hello Jonathan,

see you there. I will reserve a beer for you ;-)