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Sunday, November 06, 2005
doctor jackal and ms hyde
sometimes i feel i that am doctor jackal and ms hyde. i have to be evil and good amongst co-workers and customers.

i have seen mistakes made by co-workers and i have to pick up the pieces/burden to rectify the situation. i am always in the line of fire. as much as i don't like it i have to do it. while customers are appreciative of my efforts, i wonder how often my co-workers get to pick up my mistakes. i am not perfect but i believe i am careful in doing transactions.

i am long winded in explaining transactions to customers because i know alot of relocated customers from overseas are not familiar with the usa banking system. it takes time for them to digest and accept that they have to respect and adapt to the new system.

i cannot send curt or abrupt emails to co-workers to point out their mistakes and drive home the point "wake up your idea" as in america all issues are being sugar coated.

for example :

grossly overweight = significant over your ideal weight
deaf = hearing impaired
bad credit score = not desirable credit score
zero credit history experience = limited credit history experience

i supposed i need to respect and adapt to the working environment here as co-workers are fond of making mistakes and i cannot send curt or abrupt emails informing them of their mistakes.

here's an example of what R, my boss would consider a curt email reply to co-workers

me: ok, noted. why did xxx indicate her name on the cover note and requested me to send the docs to her?

co-worker: we have started a new process in disbursing loans to customers. only a few staff have access to this. thus, please all docs to this department for processing instead of xxx.

me: (no explanation on why xxx indicated her name on the cover note and requested me to send the docs to her. what is wrong with their department communications process) this email was not sent.

here's an example of an email R would consider positive, non defensive and everyone is happy

me: thank you for clarifying. kindly advise should we follow the email remarks or cover note request in sending the documents to you. we would like to make sure that docs will reach the correct person and department.

thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

i have been in marketing communications for over 8 years. there is a difference between sincere and pretentious. if being pretentious gets work done in USA and i still get paid, I CAN DO IT. yours truly, doctor jackal and ms hyde
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