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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
bye bye all
David Bowie
Dave Brubeck
The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Miles Davis
Duran Duran
Bob Dylan
Iron Maiden
Wyclef Jean
Bobby McFerrin
George Michael
Van Morrison
The Offspring
Pearl Jam
Joe Satriani
Bruce Springsteen

I wont be buying all your albums anymore since you're on Sony.
posted by Jonathan at 3:01 PM | Permalink |


At 3:49 AM, Blogger Costin Raiu

But there is no need to buy them from Sony when you can buy them on iTunes. :-)


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Jonathan


I'm using a good old Creative Zen NX (not the one that had a virus bundled in Japan) 30 gig mp3 player.

I dont do iTunes! Tried it when it first came out, and just didnt get into the UI at all.

I did purchase some mp3s from allofmp3s before, but the legality of it isnt that clear-cut.

There's also some news out of the whole rootkit issue about Sony and Apple arguing on DRMing issues, ironic isn't it?