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Monday, November 21, 2005
Al Lowe's thoughtful mail
Al Lowe is the original creator of, among other things, the Leisure Suit Larry adventure game series, one of my most favorite PC game series. In fact, LSL 1 was the first ever PC game i completed 8).

I also used the Laffer Utilities that i bought and used its cliparts of Larry to do a presentation when i was in the polytechnic, and gotten quite a large number of laughs throughout the presentation.

He has a website and a daily joke email newsletter (CyberJoke 3000) and the latest mail has an interesting note in it that i'd like to share. Hope he doesn't mind.

"This isn't funny, but I found it thought-provoking: Name the five wealthiest people in the world, the last five Heisman trophy winners, the last five Miss Americas, a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize winner from last year, the Academy Award winning actor and actress from five years ago or the World Series team members from five years ago. How did you do? The point is: no one remembers yesterday's headliners. These are not second-rate achievers; they're the best in their respective fields, but applause dies, awards tarnish, achievements are forgotten, certificates get buried with their owners.

Now, here’s another quiz: list the teachers who touched your young life, the friends who helped you through a bad time, anyone who taught you something worthwhile, those who made appreciated you, and the people with whom you truly enjoy spending time.

Easier, wasn't it? The lesson: those who make a difference are not those with the most credentials, money, or awards. They are the ones that care"

Coming back on a holiday in Singapore, i really feel the impact of this note. It's almost like Al actually wrote this for me.

I wish that the gaming public will get another chance to get their hands on another LSL by him, not that piece of crap called Magna Cum Laude. Just reading the review made me want to puke.
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