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Saturday, October 08, 2005
You can keep your food
And in case you're thinking of visiting Dublin, make sure you dont ever, and i mean, EVER, go to this place.

They either have a fear of customers, a non-irish prejudice, or simply do not bother to earn any $$.

For at least two nights, there were groups of 20 that wanted to eat at this place. The first time round, okay... sure.. there really wasnt enough tables/seats.

The second time, which happened after a bunch of us were already so pissed by the non-crawl (see previous post), they told us that they just cannot serve us. Tables? many still empty. Timing? It was only 8, and they dont want to serve us.

Okay loh... these two groups easily could have eaten 1000+ euros. Apparently they dont need customers like us.
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