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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
which reality show is suitable for me?
we were eating dinner and watching the amazing race family edition. i asked jon which reality show i can participate. he said "the biggest loser". the biggest loser is a horrible weight lost program for people who are significiantly over their ideal weight. that's a nice a way of putting it. in short, you are grossly overweight. the more pounds you lose every week, your team will win the competition.

having explained the game rules, i was upset with jon's selection of the reality show for me. i am certainly not grossly overweight. i admit i am pleasantly plump. i do admire models and some of my friends who are slim but i know i will not be like them. i will not undergo extreme diet or take up vigourous exercise to be like them. why?

a) i love food too much. i enjoy eating them with jon, my family and friends. i hate having to restrict food portions. if i like it, i want to indulge in it.

b) it is pointless working so hard to look slim and end up having a yo-yo diet like some celebrities.

what do you think?
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At 6:22 PM, Blogger Kelly Chan

There's also a similar show in SIN where 10 gals gathered, slimming down together...

I'm always tempted to join them whenever I watch the programme.