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Saturday, October 08, 2005
What was that all about?

After the official end of the virus bulletin conference, most of us gathered and joined in the pub crawl event. It's the only chance for me to be actually out of the hotel for something other than dinner. Boy was i excited!

After getting a seat on the typical tour bus, and about 10 mins of driving around maybe 5 corners, the driver said "okay.. that's it... once you're out of the bus, go around the corner and across the street and you'll be in the first pub of the night.. and you're on your own from then on."


The first pub was just a get in, listened to a few songs by these two guys, and out we went. It was just for a pint of beer and off we 'crawled'.

We walked like 4 more blocks through the street (no idea what name it was since there's no guide), where there were a bunch of pubs throughout, and eventually got into the second pub. Did the same routine where we get some drinks and sat down to listen to the same group of musicians.

Some Irish Pub Crawl Musicians

One of the guy's a guitarist and the singer, while the other one played an Irish elbow-bagpipe and flutes.

About 30 mins later, we were told that that's it. End of pub crawl.

Gosh! what was this all about? What did we pay the organizers 20 euros per person for? A 10 mins bus ride and 35 mins of music? In case you're wondering, we have to pay for our beer throughout the crawl, which was actually just a simple hop.

Worse of all, the bunch of 'tourists' that we were were literally dumped in the middle of the city and have to find our way back to the hotel, and/or, find some food along the way.

WHAT THE HECK was that all about?
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At 11:01 AM, Anonymous OA

I expected some more fun. We finally started our own crawl ;-)

BTW: Nice Blog


At 8:17 PM, Blogger Jonathan

i guessed almost everyone broke into separate smaller groups and did their own pub crawl or food hunts 8).




At 2:14 PM, Anonymous OA

Or even better, we combined both. First food then beer ;-)