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Monday, October 24, 2005
Throwing a chair
There were some rumors to him throwing chairs in a fit, which he has now openly denied.

However, i did. Once. I threw the chair at my classmate, while i was running, in the classroom, which was right above the principal's office!

If i remember correctly, i was irritated by a classmate, by the name of Kai Ping, (btw.. he's missing in action.. anyone know where he is now?). The teachers were supposed to be in a staff meeting at that time, and my class was self-managed by either the class monitor or one of the prefects.

Not bothered with noobie-scums like those, i grabbed a chair and started chasing around the classroom at Kai Ping. When he got isolated into a corner, i threw the chair right at him. He dodged, and one of the legs of the chair broke the window pane, and shards dropped to the ground floor.

I think the class was totally stunned then. Haha.

After a while, either the discipline master, or the principal came to our classroom. By that time, all of us were seated quietly 'reading'. The question on what happened left unanswered... guess no one dared to antagonize me further by telling.
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