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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
sometimes i feel sad working in a bank
sigh..., i think my boss has woke up on the wrong side of the bed. she expects me learn to opening roth ira and traditional ira. these accounts are known as individual retirement account. i don't like to open accounts without understanding the product and explaining the product to customers.

however, i am not required to answer questions on these products if customers have questions about them. why, compliance issue. a certified accountant or deposit product group should be more equipped to answer the queries.

ok, picture this, you can open an ira, but if the customer asks you questions on this account i.e. how it works, liability, maintenance etc etc, you don't know the answer. don't you think you look like the BIGGEST FOOL in front of the customer. you are a loan officer, you are supposed to be equipped with the knowledge so that you can advise customers on what, how, when, where and who blah blah. that's what i am supposed to do isn't it? but oh no, i am not.

and thus, my new job description is to look beautiful and dumb.
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