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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
planning another trip (and home)
With the Dublin trip completed, it's about time to get ready for AVAR 2005 in Tianjin.

This conference is going to be an interesting one too, for it's the first one on mainland China, and being in a place where i dont have to think about how pricey a bottle of coke is feels a lot better.

From the conference, i'm planning to fly back to Singapore for a holiday. Sharon's going be coming back directly from Seattle, while i do so from either Beijing or Tianjin.

This time round, we will be spending quite some time playing with who else but the twins! Of course, we'll still be visiting our parents and friends.. but the topmost priority is the twins!

Dont be surprised if you see the two of us shopping in Orchard Road with them around... just dont ask if they are our kids or not.
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