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Friday, October 21, 2005
it has been an amazing week
i am off work today and thus i have more time to look back at what happened in the past few days.

deposits group complained to my boss that i was unhelpful. i told my boss that i am tired of explaining and justifying my actions. i cannot change their opinions about me. i don't want to try anymore. my boss understood and explained that deposits group has different objectives to meet and we have different objectives in customer service.

i received a bad luck reward from investment group. what's that you say? i have been referring customers to investment team so that they can meet the financial gurus to talk about investment options, retirement fund, college fund and saving to buy a new home etc...

out of 10 customers i have referred in september, only two were qualified referrals. this means that only two customers agreed to meet with the investment team to discuss their investment options and others.

by the way, this bank does not charge customers to meet with the financial gurus. this is a free service by the bank. to encourage me to keep trying and never give up, the investment team gave me a tully coffee gift card. how nice!

on the same day, i received the loan approval code. hurray!!! i can approve loans without harassing other co-workers to approve loans for me.

every thursday, my co-workers and i attend a training session on selling. it is not the traditional selling class whereby we need to sell sell sell regardless whether the customers need them or not. it is very interesting and thought provoking training lesson. it change the whole paradigm of sales. i like it.

i like it better now because i won a prize for practicing what i have learnt in class. i feel like a student again receiving praise from teacher and classmates.

in the afternooni met one of my favourite customers who came to branch for international wire transfer. i was teasing him about his new car. it was a new 2005 bmw (no mileage). he showed his babe (his car) and told me to sit in the car. i didn't i was afraid that i will drive away his car. next, he gave me his car keys. i was so surprised and so TEMPTED to drive away his car. again, i did not.

by the way, he is a handsome eligible bachelor, funny and friendly. i was trying to hook him up with one of co-workers by dropping TONS of hints to her.

resting at home and will go to gym later.

what a week!
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