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Friday, October 07, 2005
Even Mumbai knows better
Just read about this via atypical singaporean and it's so hilarious.

Two highlights, of which atypical mentioned one:
"....cost for diesel is borne by the driver and any money exceeding the ninety dollars is his. Terming the work pattern of the cabbies as 'slavery', Quadros said that cabbies in Mumbai would never be in a position to work like this..."

"..if the infrastructure is not good, then what is the use of fancy taxis in the first place."

Though the singapore taxi (fare) system is pretty affordable, compared to places like Seattle, Malta, Dublin, Tokyo etc, the cabbie almost have a zero chance of making profit every day. Perhaps i'm wrong, but how can anyone be expected to start from a loss of 90+ every day and expect to be able to earn enough for a household?

I really cant imagine how many hours they are expected to work now!
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