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Friday, October 21, 2005
Doom + Rock = a must-see
Doom doom doom doom... what a game.

Still remember the days when i had marathon *pun intended* fragfest sessions via modem with my friends in Singapore. Still trying to look for those friends... anyone know where Koh Shuiang Huei, Long Tian Chong, Gerald Tan, and Lynn Tan are??

The first time you get your hands on the BFG.. man.. that was great!

The Rock? My favorite wrestler of all time, and after Arnold, my fave action actor too... I was hoping that he would be the Master Chief in the Halo movie, but that cannot happen with his involvement in the Doom movie.

Pretty sure that the Doom movie would get bad reviews, but still.. a must-see for me.

Imagine.. Rock + Halo... *sigh*
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