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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
complaints from other department
it seems to me that i am quite a notorious employee in this bank. 3 departments have complained about me. they are deposits, lending and wire departments. the reasons for their complaint, i am:

a) bossy
b) rude
c) arrogant

how did i give them this impression

i) i question the policies
ii) rationalise/debate with them on transactions
iii) trying to persuade them to explain the complex transactions to customers but they won't

in their perception, it was not what i said but how i said it. they can be rude to me, back by their supervisors but i will always be perceived as the bad gal. interestingly, my co-workers and customers are always thankful for my help and i really appreciate that.

it seems to be that i have the behaviour of dr jackal and mr hyde. i will be nice to customers and co-workers but a devil to other department staff.

will this affect my annual review? according to my boss NO. however, she will include in the report that i need to work on my communications skills. HUH? so, what does she mean that she will not include the complaints in the report. do i really care about this? no. am i angry. YES.

and so, my boss has to talk me about business etiquette and treating people nicely for 45 minutes as too many people have been complaining about me.

my reactions:

1) i cannot fight the system or change people's impression about me
2) i don't want to talk to these people because i don't see how i can help to improve the situation
3) i will be candidly sweet to all people regardless whether i am sincere or not
4) people cannot separate between issues and emotions.
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