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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
why are some co-workers unhelpful?
i am not sure is it due to the american culture or is it because of me, some of my co-workers in other departments are simply unhelpful period. when asked specific questions, they paused, hesitated and will not check further with other co-workers and simply informed me that they did not have the documents

the story :

a car seller has a loan with our bank. the buyer took out a loan from another bank to buy thme e car. all documents were signed and sent to the title department. 10 days later, buyer informed that he needed an original copy of the odometer disclosure so as to register the car in his name. i have given the buyer and seller duplicate copies of all signed document and the original copies were sent to the title department.

i called the title department to retrieve the original odometer disclosure. to my surprise, they (several co-workers confirmed this) told me that they did not receive the said document. i was angry but i held my temper and pleaded with them to search carefully. they insisted that no such document was seen.

their team lead called me and implied that i should not have sent the documents to them as they did not need it. KNN, then why didn't your stupid staff tell me about this. she just told me to fill up the required documents. in the normal procedure, we will send all completed to title department. she did not inform me that these documents are meant for the buyer only even though i specifically told her that the seller will not be in usa for the next few months.

in washington state, an odometer disclosure is required if the seller has a loan with his bank and wishes to sell his car to another person. both, buyer and seller need to sign on the odometer disclosure and have the document notarized. buyer has to bring the document to the department of licensing to register the car in his name.

i could not contact the seller as he is not within usa. i could not help the buyer as i did not have original the document. i am really mad with title department for messing this up.

a) they could have received the documents but seeing that they did not require them, they shred it

b) the mailroom staff did not route the documents to them, the documents went to another department. this is a possibility but it is very rare

before i sent the documents to title department, i have emailed to one of the staff informing her to expect the documents. when i spoke to her about this, NBCB, chao auntie denied knowing this. i forward all emails to R, my boss to resolve it.

in the end, we could not help the buyer. i felt really bad for him. i wish i could help him.

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