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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
no more room
Today we also got an email announcement that says that oops... 114 no more rooms, in the literal sense as well as in the physical sense.

We now have vendors that are lined up in all the (previously) common lounge areas (for APOC, think the game room, think the foosball area).

Now... totally out of rooms, they are starting to double up the rooms.. now it's my dept's turn.

And i'm next (to the next in line) hehe... and that creates a nice outcome hehe...

Of course i'd like to have my own office room to myself, but considering i'm in meeting rooms more often than in my office, i really dont give a damm anymore.

This "development" actually provides a nice workaround for a concern that i have..... 8)
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At 9:49 PM, Blogger sharon

your company can build more campuses what? why squeeze together like sardines? beware of BO.