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Saturday, September 03, 2005
my co-worker
no, it's not jon and no it is not me. it's my co-worker. her husband and her will be adopting a 7-year-old boy and would like to spend time getting to know him and helping him to adapt to the new environment. it was courageous of her to take 3 months unpaid leave to do this. this is a HUGE step she is taking as her husband and her do not have children. both of them are excited and prepared to take on the huge responsibility of dealing with having a child.

the boy is living with his foster parents and was taken away from his birth mother as the state decides that the mother could not give proper care to her child.

it is sad for the boy as he needs to feel accepted in his foster parents' home. now that he will be adopted, he feels sad leaving his foster home and is wary of his adopted parents. he does not know how to react/behave in an acceptable manner in front of them.

my co-worker feels that the boy is obedient and cheerful. however, we don't know behind the happy facade whether he has too much pain hidden underneath.

i think my co-worker will be a great mom. she is a sensitive, patient and matured adult. i believe she and her husband will take good care of the boy.

the only dilemma is, the boy will continue to see his birth mother. i am not sure whether this is a good idea as we don't know the mental condition of his mother. i believe the boy will be torn between protecting his birth mother (due to loyalty) and his adopted parents (due to gratefulnees).

whatever works best for the boy will be the best solution.

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