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Thursday, September 01, 2005
hurricane katrina - appeal for donation
jon talks about his experience in new orleans when he attended the anti virus conference there.

his company is having a $1 for $1 matching program encouraging all employees to donate generously. the news advised the public not to send food/clothing/water, just donate generously. it is impossible to transport the basic necessities by road or rail. it is difficult for red cross and salvation army to collect these items nationwide as they need to sort and repackage the items thus they are appealing to the public to donate funds so that they will buy the basic necessities near the disaster area and transport them by air.

hurricane katrina is the worst hurricane in usa to date. the last hurricane happened in early 1900s. i hope and pray that relief help will reach them as soon as possible.

the victims have lost their houses and they have nothing left. it will take them a long time for them to establish a home and find a job. they are angry, frighten, confused, in grief and have no clear direction what they can do.

we can help them to minimise their pain. we can cut down our expenses i.e. food, clothes, entertainment and donate money to the needy ones.

i have donated to red cross. have you?

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