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Friday, August 26, 2005
pacific internet - you suck!
in june 2004, jon called pacific internet to cancel my pacific internet account from seattle. he was assured by the contact centre staff that the internet connection will be terminated.

in nov 2004, jon went back to singapore in nov 04 to cancel my pacific internet account again. why? because pacific internet is still charging the monthly payment on my UOB Visa. similarly, the contact centre told him that it would be terminated immediately.

in jun 2005, we called and emailed to pacific internet. WE WERE ASSURED BY THEIR DAMN STUPID STAFF that it will be cancelled immediately.

today, i found out that PACIFIC INTERNET is still charging me for internet connection.

i am not sure whether it is the system error or human error. i am SICK AND TIRED of talking to PACIFIC INTERNET morons.

jon and i have been reminding them for more than 1 year to cancel my internet connection. i really don't know why they are unable to do it.

the question is : are they unable to cancel my internet account or are they UNWILLING to cancel my internet account as they really need my payment of S$7.16 per month to maintain their business.

if you work or know someone who work in PACIFIC INTERNET, I DARE YOU TO CHECK MY ACCOUNT. go, find out whether i have been using the #$@%ing account.
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At 8:47 PM, Blogger KnightofPentacles

The problem is probably with their (unsuccessful) attempts to terminate the automated billing.

If you have documentary (snailmail, email) proof they agreed to terminate your account, call the UOB Visa centre.

Dispute the payments and have the bank reverse the payments (cause: incorrect billing). This should get the attention of the folks at Pacific Internet.

FYI, I got around that problem by prepaying the internet email account in advance for about a year. And I think PacNet customer service rocks, compared to Singnet!


At 8:04 PM, Blogger sharon

i wish i have documented proof from them indicating that they will terminate the account, but i don't. because every time jon calls, they assured us it will be terminated.

i have informed uob to issue a new credit card to me.

*sigh*...very disppointed with Pacific Internet.


At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

AOL just had a class action suit against it which have a similar synptom... not allowing people to quit easily