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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
movies in the park
it is rare to see a financial institution contributing to the community without seeking publicity. in singapore, if an organization is contributing to a non profit organization, the public relations department or spin doctors have to triple their efforts to pitch their stories to the media, hoping that there will be a huge coverage in the paper.

my bank is sponsoring 5 movies in the park in august and there is zero publicity for their efforts. seeking publicity is not their strongest suit and they really don't mind if there isn't any.

i will be working at the park from 6pm to 9pm giving out goodie bags, lucky draw coupons and playing with children. i hope it will be a fun filled event for me. i'm a big kid at heart and i love playing with children.

the other reason i would like to work at the park is i want to earn more OT money. if there is a opportunity to earn more money, why let someone else take the opportunity. one must learn to seize the day.
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