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Thursday, August 18, 2005
i just realized that ...
- how much a single peanut can cost
- how 4 people gathering together can be interpreted as a mass demonstration
- COE really means a lot, in financial terms and in democratic terms
- a person that is deemed unfit for work as a CEO/CFO can still stay in a job for more than 10 more months
- a new old name costs 400,000 dollars
- a 999 year lease means nothing
- the best project managment plans mean depending on people to move their houses within a month's notice
- singaporeans are united (in sharing their car park coupons)
- even the no. 1 monk earns more than most people do in Singapore
- our helicopter-level visionaries have no idea why the income gap is widening
- the best ever charity show was in the courts, not on TV
- you can die rich but live poor
- we have independently made videos on torrents and archive.org
- the definition of youth has changed


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