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Thursday, August 25, 2005
hamster king
when i first help my brother-in-law and my eldest sister at their aquarium/pet store in Ang Mo Kio many many years ago, we were one of the first stalls to sell hamsters as pets.

At that time, i think i was still around Pri 4-5, and evey weekend, i would just sit at the corner where all the hamsters are kept, and played with them.

Pretty soon, the neighbouring stalls started to call me "Hamster King"! Since then, i've been having hamsters as pets on a on-off basis.

At one time, the record of hamsters that i have was 137, of which most of them were from the same male hamster.. now that's the true hamster king. I loved that hamster and constantly played with it and it got so used to me and walking ontop of the pc keyboards and sleeping next to the computer mouse. Too bad i didnt hav a digital camera then to capture all these moments.

When the number reached 137, it was total chaos for me. I started giving most of them to my brother-in-law, who still have a store in Tanglin Halt market then. Some of the remaining ones were given out to anyone interested via yahoo classified and even online forums.

Soon after, the hamster king died... perhaps it was saddened by the departure of all its descendants, but most probably because it was reaching the end of its two year life on Earth.

Now.. if i ever do get a chance to have hamsters as pets again, i'd start a similar project to the Hamster Tracker, and keeping track of every single minute details of its activities. Lucy is probably the first hamster to be known to crash a computer!
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