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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Customer Service Excellence

There's a strong emphasis on CPE, or a mindset on how we, as a company should be treating our customers.

Just a few days ago, i think i experienced, as a customer, what the best possible customer experience is.

Pamela, our car, got a flat tire and i was to drive it, with a temporary donut tire on it, to Les Schwab.

Gave them the key, and was told that it'll be done within an hour. The attendant pointed me to a rest area, where there's free coffee and popcorn. The thing that impressed me is that for the free popcorn, they have three different favours of sugar/salt combos available for anyone that wants it. Now that's way above any reasonable expectations.

I had my lunch ready and sat down under some shade at a remote corner and started to listen to my Old Time Radio podcasts from Radio Memories.

Then i saw one of the Les Schwab guys running around in the car park. Now, this was at 12pm with the temperature of 90 degrees in summer. Even under the shade i was having some sweat sitting down eating.

Then, another guy started running towards another car. And another, and another.

I started to realise that this was something that everyone of the Les Schwab staff is doing, within the car park, within their premises, within one room to another.

All they are doing is to save their customers a few seconds here and there throughout their incoming and outgoing processes, and this is usually done without their customers even being present!

All these to allow their customers to get back their vehicles a few minutes eariler.

They also gave free advise on what other things on Pamela that we should be aware of. Because of their focus on only tires, they cannot do any other maintainence work for us.

Wow... i'm impressed.

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