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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
5 Years in a blink of an eye

Last Friday, we celebrated the departure of a colleague to another job.

The gathering included the giving of awards to some of the team members.

I was one of those... My former boss, John, did a short comment about my award, and the other former boss, Jason, asked me to go through my (nearly) 5 years in the company...

And so it went something like this.... and since everyone within the Release side was there, i kept the comments to only this group:

- midnight conference calls, where at times i would call in from pubs 1/2 drunk, or times where i call in, said hi, and dozed off.....
- looking for what is now known (and frown upon) as "shadow apps" to speed things up
- dabbled in almost everything in the release space
- the opportunity to go around the world with randy within the AV space

that's about it...

Saryab was also awarded in this event. His was for 10 good years... and he had a lot more funnier stories to tell, right from the point he applied for his first job!

Pretty soon, a few others will be having this award... people like moodyone, yy, some other folks etc. hehe..

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