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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Going back in time: July 4
So there we were, ready to finally go out to Lake Union to watch the fireworks display. Moodyone and Sharon prepared our food and drinks, while i continued to use my desktop PC to do some "stuffs".

Just before we left, Moodyone asked me to get the maps from Pamela, our car, and so i did. We started on the SR-520, towards Seattle, and went through an electronic sign, not too different from that millions-of-dollars gadget in Singapore expressways, that said that the bridge will be closed due to boat traffic.

There's another way to go from the east side to Seattle, which is the I-90 highway. However, going from SR-520 to I-90 was an unknown to us! So onwards we went, knowingly going towards a bottleneck.

Not unexpectedly, we got stuck right at the entrance to the bridge.

Some jokers were out of their vehicles and staring forward. You know... kay-pohs are all around, regardless of location and race. Then we realised that the closure of the bridge was coupled with a motorbike accident.

These looked like parts from the motorbike.

Because we had to wait for an unknown amount of time, we even got the audacity to take photos!

Here's moodyone, for once, not being moody.

An ambulance came and picked up the injured ones.

And onwards we went!
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