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Monday, July 25, 2005
friends colleagues teammates
it's been a long while since i had a chance to meet up with Woan, Jidi and YY. We had some gatherings when i was back in Singapore in November 2004 with Woan and Jidi. YY was kinda there/not-there during that timeframe, so i didnt really catch up with her. I also didnt get a chance to talk to one of my good friends there too. 8(

Back to Saturday, and we met up and being typical Singaporeans/Singapore-based folks, food was of the number one target. We rushed down to Pike Place Market, kinda like the die-die-must-go place for all visitors to Seattle, and quickly walked through the stalls as well as the first ever Starbucks, and had some salty-deep-fried seafood.

Then it was to shopping, which to me was as usual boring.......... and then to the Bite of Seattle festival, which is like a big gathering of the local restaurants to provide small-sized samples at lower prices! However, we were there too late in the day and boy was it packed.

We all had a break in-between, and met up again at 11pm for supper. Sharon and I had never done supper at that late a hour in our 1.25 years here, but there's always a first! That supper meal ties in to the se7en post.

Hopefully throughout this week, and i know that the ladies have a superamazingly packed work schedule, we'll be catching up again somehow.
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