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Saturday, July 09, 2005
an eventful day!

i was reversing the car out of the parking lot and two children were in my blind spot. naturally, i did not see them but thank god their father did and yelled at me to stop. he was very angry, so was i. but i was gracious enough to apologize as i did not see the children. what would i gain by knocking down the children?

my questions :

why didn't the stupid father yelled at the children to stop walking when he saw a driver reserving the car. why didn't the stupid children stop walking when they saw a moving car. when a driver is reversing out of the parking lot in a straight line, the driver is focusing at where he/she is going and not on the left or right. the morning incident really spooked me.


finally, i was out of the parking lot, trying to calm myself on my way to work. what happened next was another disaster. there was a road closure sign ahead and i could not take my usual route to work. i made several detours and i still could not get to work. i was really pissed and i had to call jon and moodyone to rescue me.


jon and moodyone came, jon tried to make several detours to go to my office but he couldn't. finally, we went home and took another route to my office.


arrived at work very late and very flustered. i have two customers waiting for me to help them on their home equity loan. i thought it would be a smooth transaction as i have printed the loan documents. BUT NO! i messed up on the loan amount and i have to print out a revised loan documents.


transaction completed and i apologised profusely to the customers for my inefficiency.


a regular customer asked me to be a witness for a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife. the incident happened two months ago in the branch. i was trying to help both of them on their transaction and the ex-wife claimed that her ex-husband pushed her. i told him that i will discuss with my supervisor and let him know on monday, 11/7/05. the court date is 13/7/05. if i do not attend the court hearing, i wonder whether i will be subpoena by court.


another regular customer came and gave me a pot of flowers. i am really grateful for her kind gesture. she appreciated my help as the bank approved her car loan. i will write a thank you note to her on monday.

what a day!
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At 8:54 PM, Blogger lancerlord

Maybe he was stunned to think of that. So the only reaction was to shout at you. Luckily nothing happened.


At 10:16 PM, Blogger sharon

i hope so too. i am also glad that nothing has happened. parents ought to be more careful when toddlers are walking in the parking lot.


At 9:38 PM, Blogger Tempest Blue

Some days really do suck. But everyone has days like these, so its pretty normal :-)


At 10:09 PM, Blogger sharon

i suppose so lor. what to do, my life is so exciting.