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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Randy & I

This is the last photo of the two of us, with Andreas Marx, taken in campus, with both of us working together in the same company, for a long while.

As some of you are already aware, Randy is leaving the company today after 12+ years of service. He'll be joining a AV company, as a Director of Technical Education, or DOTE, as some of the AV researchers jokingly said.

I think that'll be what he's interested in, though having to shuttle between San Diego and Seattle will be a challenge.

We will definitely bump into one another in the future AV events, as he's already slated to be in the Tianjin conference, and perhaps the Dublin conference as well.

Furthermore, it's not as if we won't be going out as friends, so we'll defintely be meeting up once in a while.

Am i sad? Yes i am. I am sad that some folks do not recognize the extensive knowledge and experience that he has, the network of contacts that he has, that he wasn't able to continue to stay within the company.

Am i happy? Yes i am. I am happy that he will be able to share his knowledge with others, to contribute to the overall AV awareness in the computing public.

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