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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
long-playing phonographs
This is probably one of the most obvious things now, but indeed long-playing phonograph records are in vogue now, in terms of what they can do, and in terms of what people are expecting them to do.

With all the industry trends going left right and center, admist turbulent changes, all points to huge expectations that it will be a very positive supposition.

Peering into the crystal ball, i'd expect a very high likelihood that the industry players will flourish in such a situation.

Concentrating on the results will help others, be it current or former industry players, to be back in the picture.

There is now this chance and all should make full use of this to grow thrive. If the ideal outcome is achieved, there's no stopping ymmy times from going even higher, and bringing everyone along for the ride.

I'm anxious, apprehensive, begrudging (bcoz i cant be part of the industry), envious, grasping with anticipation, green-eyed, convinced, positive, trusting about it.

sense - understand - contemplate - adapt - thrive

PS: the links are all fake ones.. but you should all know what i mean.
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