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Monday, June 27, 2005
It was a magical friday
This week, the company is having the invitational event for the anti-virus researchers, and for my singapore colleagues, it's the same event that i used to have to fly over to Redmond for; the only difference is that now i can drive to the event, or just take a internal shuttle bus.

Quite a number of the anti-virus researchers came into Seattle a few days earlier, and a very good friend, Righard (from Norman AV), came over to visit me in campus and had the always nice hot & spicy chicken teriyaki at the Tokyo-O makan place. We had some good discussions and he provided some expert insights into how some of my ongoing projects could/couldn't work.

At just about 3pm, on a very warm (like Singapore) Friday afternoon, we decided to call it a day and go for some wine, at his hotel, which is the Marriot Redmond Town Center. A few bottles of wine and my face is totally flushed, and that's still early in the day!

Later on, Jeanette came over and picked us up, to meet up with David Perry and David's friend, whom he last met when they were in their early twenties. We gathered at the Pink restaurant right across the street from Pike's Place market, and it was indeed a very nice restaurant.

With Righard, David, and his friends being magicians of different expertise, we were constantly entertained. Some sleigh of hands tricks, some logical tricks, and great muscle controls were all used and Jeanette and I were glad, willing and "innocent" victims of their tricks.

By the time we finished our deserts, it was about 11pm, and i got Sharon so worried because the noise in the restaurant totally covered the phone ringing tone. When i eventually went home, i was in for some more fun. 8)

And i thought i was totally drunk when moodyone told me that she didn't know what her new (and supercool) cell phone's number is. I think she's the one that's drunk! But that's another story for her to blog altogether.
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