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Sunday, June 19, 2005
Here comes Wee Teck and Coffee Powder!

Finally met up with Wee Teck at about 12pm, and we drove him to the Crossroads Mall for some good old BBQ ribs.

After the big lunch, we drove to Kirkland and walked around the area, having ice-cream and milk shakes.

Visited Jas's house, and chit chatted for a while, as we have absolutely no idea where to go! (a video tour of her house is available here.)

Near evening time, we went to this Crab Cracker's place and had a really large amount of food. Moodyone actually said that that was the best meal she had since she came over, as Sharon and i have only brought her around to chinese and vietnamese food). Yeah.. so she was basically complaining about us to Wee Teck.

The bill totalled up to about 160 bucks. Wow.. that was quite some meal. She even managed to get a large box to take away!

It was always good to catch up with folks, as we exchanged insights and opinions with one another.

More photos are available via Flickr
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At 4:52 PM, Anonymous snifez

i also want to eat there...