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Friday, June 17, 2005
Beatles song dedication part 2: Here Comes The Sun

Another all-time favourite Beatles song is "Here Comes The Sun", sung and written by George Harrison, on the Abbey Road album.

The song was written by him at a time where the Beatles are in the midst of breaking up, and were having lots of business-related meetings at their headquarters.

Being more of a musician than an businessman, George was relieved to see the meetings ended, and on a visit to his friend, Eric Clapton, was enjoying the sunshine that day.

Then, with the sunny outlook, this song came to him, and through it, renewed optimism. That's probably the main reason why it's also one of the most covered songs.

The lyrics are exceptionally simple, and straightforward.

Here's an instrumental version of the song, a reggae version and a short sample here as well.
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