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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
tom's bodyshop or car repair shop

remember i was fuming mad about the full of shit tom, he turned out not to be the owner of the car repair shop. i met up with Rob, the owner of the shop. he looked at my car and realised that i was given the wrong DIAGNOSIS AGAIN. OOPS! THEY DID IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. they must have love britany spears very much.

rob, explained that pamela did not need a flasher, it was the turn signal lever. so, tom has ordered the wrong part AGAIN! rob apologised to me that tom has been busy preparing for his marriage. yes, lao uncle is closed to 60 years old and he is marrying again.

well, i could not care less whether he is marrying or in the midst of divorce, i want my car fixed. it has been 4 MISERABLE WEEKS FOR JON AND ME.

rob assured me that he would get it fixed today and changed the oil for me. the catch is the turn signal level costs $345 and i have paid $114. i hit the roof.

i will pay for the difference in amount but i want a discount. this is the last time i am placing pamela in this bodyshop. it sucks BIG TIME!


tom called to apologise to me and gave me another piece of bad news. the signal relay will be at the bodyshop tomorrow. MY GOODNESS! WHAT 'S NEXT???!!!!

i was very calm when i spoke to him. i told him to get the car fixed by tomorrow morning and drive the car to my work place. i am NOT, I REPEAT, I AM NOT GOING BACK TO THE BODYSHOP TO PICK UP PAMELA. SEND PAMELA TO ME.

he agreed. GOOD. i know at the back of my mind, the episode will not end here. stay tuned for more updates.
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At 1:23 PM, Blogger jettykey

That's the thing about car workshop. You really have to "know" them (through friends or contacts) to get a better deal.

I hope you can get your car back soon.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger sharon

Thanks. Are you living in USA or Singapore. If you are living in Singapore, it's 4.37am, go back to sleep. A gal needs her beauty rest.