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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Moving target and St John Co-cathedral
From the start, the conference events were like lucky draws. It was a guess at any point in time as to whether the next talk, the next gathering, the next session would even happen or not.

Today, the 90-minute panel discussion session became a 10 minute closing speech, so suddenly, we kinda have a 2-hr block in-between before the usual dinner gatherings.

"The MSFT gang" took a quick dash to Valletta's St John's Co-Cathedral, about 5 km away from our hotel. Valletta itself is a city full of ancient buildings and churches. This cathedral was very impressive, with a lot of paintings and sculptures all around. Too bad there's no camera flashes allowed within the premises, and reduced the quality of the photos taken. A few short videos were taken as well. Hope that will do for you to share in this experience.

After visiting the cathedral, we walked around the nearyby areas. Kinda sad that these anicent buildings are now occupied by typical tacky touristy shops and designer labels. Reality bites... and money talks loudly, in a place where reportedly 25% are unemployed.

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