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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Maltese Rabbit Stew

So.. the conference has its usual conference gala dinner, but the group of MS folks, randy, his boss, another guy in the security related role, myself went out and about to look for traditional maltese food *yew*

We were recommended a particular restaurant and off we went!

We had some maltese starters, such as fried cheese, baked beans, grilled potatoes and some other stuffs. Their house wine was amazingly good. The snails in maltese sauce was nice too.

When the restaurant owner asked us for our choices for the main course, Randy and his boss both wanted the rabbit stew!

I didn't order that! I chose a (to me) safer bet in octopus casserole, while Rich, the other person, ordered an even safer meal, in a sirlion steak.

The moment the rabbit stew came, cameras were flashing and cameras were shooting.

After the dinner, we went back to the official conference gala dinner for our second dinner. Of course we were not able to eat anymore, but the networking is the main deal for our attending the conference anyway.

By the time the gala dinner ended, it was about 11pm. Some of us continued on to some pubs and i drank some beer (first in so many months).... went from pub to pub to pub to pub.

Since it's a Monday night, most of the pubs were really empty. There was one that had only 3 guys dancing with one another, and a couple that were necking in a dark corner.

Eventually went back @ 2:30am... didn't realise how i could wake up at 7+ this morning.

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At 4:52 AM, Anonymous francis

I am writing a book about Mediterranean food. I come from Malta. May I use the picture from your website: maltese rabbit stew- in my book please? Your website will be included in the acknowledgements. I await your reply. The book will published in Maltese, my native language around March 2006.

Francis Darmanin


At 1:46 PM, Blogger Jonathan

Francis, please feel free to use the photo.

We have a large set on flickr as well, so if you're interested, go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/offpoint/sets/283074/ and take a look.

If you need the high-resolution version of the photos, let me know too and i can send them to you via email.