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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Maltaese menu

Usually on our trips to conference venues, Randy and i would want to try out local food.

For the first two days that i was roaming about, it was really hard to look for anything that is not English, Italian, Turkish nor French.

My breakfast for the last two days have been the typical full english breakfast, with eggs, sausages, tomato, and baked beans. Yucks.

Finally on yesterday's short walk around, i found at least four places showing off their Maltaese menu, which has rabbit stew, and rabbit pasta on them. YEWWWWWW.

No way man.

Next, you'll tell me that i need to eat guinea pig stew in costa rica or something.

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At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Woan Hoon

Rabbit stew... sounds interesting and yummy.


At 12:59 AM, Blogger SooHK

should try, I was once in Swiss and I tried some of the local foods it was quite nice...