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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Leaving Malta
Only a few hours to go before i rush to the Malta airport. It was a pretty good trip, with no chance of doing any shopping. Oh no... Sharon's gonna kill me.

Tried to do some shopping in Valletta, but it was very sad to find that even here, most of the items on sale are MIC, not MIM. Made In China.

In a country where a quarter of the population is unemployed, it would have been better to keep these manufacturing jobs within the country. With their currency being so strong (compared to others), it was hard to imagine how the locals handle this situation.

One tip for anyone that wish to come to Malta: when boarding a taxi, ask them to turn on the meter, or ask the drivers how much they're gonna charge for the trip. During some chit-chats, we found that I got the lowest fare of all (and i complained about it being too expensive!) of 5 pounds, with the average around 8 pounds. One conference attendee paid FIFTY pounds. Wow.. a big chai-tau man.

That's it for now......... the most recent batch of photos are uploaded.
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