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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
flattering comments

it is nice to know that even though i am old and ugly, i have friends who think that i am pretty. hmm...maybe, they are just being polite. well, one of my customers was bold enough to ask me to lim kopi with him and would like to get to know me better. i was very surprised and flattered.
of course, i didn't go out with him. that will be scandalous! i told him i am happily married and told jon about this and he was jealous for less than a day. what to do, when you have been married for 8 years, you do not expect your significant other to be all fired up about such things.

my european co-workers told me i am no longer available in the market, please give single females the chance to get to know eligible bachelors. i was teased by all my co-workers mercilessly for one WHOLE week.

anyway, the customer told me he will be going to montreal in canada. no, he did not invite me to go with him, that will be SUPER scandalous. he asked whether i have been there. unlike my husband, i am not a globe trotter and thus i have not been to Montreal. so, i asked him whether he has been to singapore. "no", he said. he has not been to asia.


this afternoon, i saw him at the branch. i was busy attending to other customers and did not acknowledge his presence. but i do recognise him. i think he was a bit pai seh when he saw me. well, i am never pai seh unless i make a mistake in doing customers' transactions.

flashback to march

a customer came to the branch to make a deposit and my supervisor attended to him. he was a very friendly customer. i walked past him and smiled at him.

he told my supervisor that the reason he kept coming to this branch was because he like to see me as i have very lovely eyes. very very flattered. but i certainly did not tian you uncle, you are too old for me lah.
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At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

how come i say u beautiful u dun believe??


At 12:58 PM, Blogger jettykey

wooo laa laa..... you're pulling business for the bank! They better up your salary. Perhaps, you can add some low cut tops to your wardrobe... hee hee.. just kidding.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger sharon

i won't wear low cut tops to work.

a) i don't have a good figure
b) the bank does not allow it

but thanks for advise. :)