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Monday, May 09, 2005
department staff complain
i usually do not bother what other department staff bitch about me but today i really HAD IT!

1) Risk Management
2) Loans
3) Savings
4) Visa

the staff from these departments felt that i have been harassing them. i have been calling them too often to seek help. they questioned my abilities to handle customers' enquiries on transactions.

well, i work in a bank, there are lots of variations in transactions. i am no expert. after 6 months in this bank, i believe i have learnt more things than some staff who have been here for donkey years. i learn from the customers and co-workers. one learn by continuing asking and making silly mistakes.

so, my boss has barr me from calling other departments. she advised me to find my resources on the bank's website. i have no problem with that. i can find partial solutions from the bank's website. however, if an error is make on any transaction, i pity the bank and the customers.

while i am angry and sad, i told myself that it is not worth it. it is really time to move on. in fact, this petty issue reaffirm my decision that this bank is not a conducive place for me.

i have worked for more than 8 years and no ONE has ever told me that i could not seek help from another department if i needed help. in my boss' evaluation i am 'crying wolf'.

i felt so discouraged. 'crying wolf' means i have the intention to lie to other departments staff and keep requesting them to repeat the transaction procedures to perform the same transactions. well, that was not the case. of course, who will believe me except my co-workers.

why would i call another department unnecessarily? my name is JIN BO ENG. where GOT TIME!
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At 9:27 AM, Blogger jettykey

Haha, I know you're Jin Bo Eng.

Sorry to hear about the situation in your office. It's sad that the other dept staff should think of your asking for help in a bad way. Anyway, the banking environment often has its usual office politics, red-tape, etc, isn't it? A small company may be more conducive.


At 6:11 AM, Blogger sharon

yeah, really jin bo eng. my co-workers empathise with me. they are so supportive. they will call other dept staff on my behalf. really appreciate their help.