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Monday, May 02, 2005
angry with IT and HR
R, my boss showed me the email sent by HR cc to IT.

"I would like to let you know Sharon has sent a greeting email to xxx branch on behalf of a former employee of our bank. Please note that non employee is not supposed to use the bank's PC. Please let Sharon know about this."

R : did you let the non employee use the PC
me : BO LAH. i was helping the former employee to send a greeting email to his former co-workers. he would like to let them know he is moving back to the east coast.
R : so, he did not touch your keyboard?
me : BO LAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! who wants to touch the damn keyboard. i told him that i can send the email on his behalf but he cannot use my PC.
R : i believe u.
me : so, the IT and HR departments must be very FREE. there isn't much work for them, is it? they are creating a mountain out of a MOLEHILL. please let me know i said this.
R : yeah, i agree with you.
me : please advise security department to install a CCTV in front of me. i would like the security and IT departments to monitor every transaction i do for the customers.

what kind of bank is this??? do you trust your employees or not??? my co-workers are incensed when they heard my story. can the bank retain employees if they do not trust them???
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