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Thursday, April 28, 2005
yupe... leaving for malta and some recruitment updates
Just as Sharon has mentioned earlier, i'm leaving for Malta, to attend the anti-virus conference organized by the EICAR organization.

On the recruitment of a new anti-virus person to assist me, things were going smoothly on rails, as the interviewers have more or less singled out one person out of the four candidates as the one. Another candidate was also singled out, but for being a total waste of our (and his) time. 8(

Just when we are about to conclude the recruitment process, where we get the HR to offer the selected candidate the job, many things happened!

First, my boss's wife gave birth to a baby girl, and so, he's out for at least 7 working days now. Secondly, my current AV back-up ALSO have a new baby girl born; this one was kinda earlier than planned, and so he's out too! Thirdly, my boss' boss is also out of office, so there's like "bor cheng hu", so to speak. So things couldn't move on to the final step for the selected one.

Now out from nowhere, a HUGE HR bomb has just landed onto this role...... can't say much yet, but i'd definitely want this person to be the eventual winner. Think of it like a Steve Jobs scenario. The originally selected one might still land a job within my dept, perhaps as another role.

Of cause, in the midst of all these, the primary developer of the huge project i'm involved in tendered his resignation. Wonder how big of an impact this will be.
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